Rhum JM



Shrubb Rhum JM
  • Rhum agricole liqueur produced by Rhum J.M in Macouba, Martinique
  • Base spirit distilled from sugarcane on a Creole copper column still
  • Orange zest, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and bitter roots & barks are macerated in aged rhum agricole and sweetened with natural sugarcane syrup
  • A nose of candied orange peel and cranberry-orange muffins transitions to a bright palate of orange sherbet and a jaunty finish of lime zest and freshly grated nutmeg
  • Can be used as a novel substitute for orange Curaçao or triple sec in any cocktailing application
  • 35% ABV

“Shrubb is a holiday tradition in Martinique which starts annually on All-Saints Day (November 1st) at which point dried citrus peels are ceremoniously peeled and sundried. The peels are added to bottles of rhum to infuse in the sun and just before Christmas, the infusion, spiced sugarcane syrup, and more rhum are combined to form a delightful and festive treat to serve at all social occasions throughout the season. Shrubb is usually served by itself or with Champagne in Martinique, but this delicious orange liqueur has been embraced by bartenders and chefs alike for all applications from margaritas to soufflés.”—Rhum J.M


Montagne Pelee
Spirit Type:
Rum / Rhum
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Sizes Available

Full Bottle MQ-XJM-60-NV 6/750ml
MQ-XJM-60-NVAZ 12/700ml