Pot Still Rum, Dakabend

Pot Still Rum, Dakabend

Deep in the rugged Sierra Norte mountains of Northern Oaxaca, Dakabend Rum is produced near the village of San Cristóbal Lachiroag using sugarcane and piloncillo (like a sticky brick of raw brown sugar), sourced from mountainside plantings.  While the region has a history of some agave distillation, the environment is tropical, and the most common crops are coffee and cane.  Cousins Edgar and Elisandro Gonzales, of Tosba Mezcal, made Dakabend to create an outlet for local distillers of rum or aguardiente, including Edgar’s father, to release their unique, Sierra Norte take on this sugarcane spirit.

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All hand-harvested, the fresh cane for Dakabend is brought to San Cristóbal Lachirioag, where it’s crushed, juiced, or boiled into piloncillo. The resulting juice is then placed in open wooden vats and fermented naturally using only the wild yeasts native to their microclimate. Fermentation is long, over one week, and the results are doubled-distilled on a copper pot still which is also used to make mezcal. Each batch is single origin, non-chill filtered, and totally unique. The first, made by Edgar Gonzales himself, was bottled at 49% ABV.

The result is rum unlike any other in the world: fresh, clean and vibrant on the palate with robust flavors of cane grass and a nose full of umami. Cocktail enthusiasts looking to put a modern twist on a Ti Punch or a slant on their Daiquiri will surely be smitten.


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