Rey Campero

Mezcal, Mexicano + Madre Cuishe, 'Vicente Sanchez Parada'

Mezcal, Mexicano + Madre Cuishe, 'Vicente Sanchez Parada', Rey Campero

  • AMMA-certified mezcal produced in Candelaria Yegolé, Zoquitlán, Oaxaca
  • Maestro Mezcalero Vicente Sánchez Parada
  • Distilled from 50% Mexicano (A. rhodacantha) and 50% Madre Cuishe (A. karwinskii)
  • Cooked in an earthen pit oven; milled using traditional horse-drawn stone tahona
  • Fermented with river water in pine & cypress tanks
  • Distilled twice using copper alembic pot stills
  • Herbaceous and oily with plenty of depth—rosemary, fallen pine needles, and hibiscus are joined enticingly by notes of bay leaf, cedar plank, peanut shells, Bosc pear skin, saline, and fresh-out-of-the-box action figures
  • 50.3% ABV (ABV may vary batch to batch)

A split of equal parts Mexicano and Madre Cuishe, this unique batch is an instant classic, a love letter from maestro mezcalero Vicente Sánchez Parada to all the aficionados who have been following Rey Campero for years and know the family’s mastery of these two distinct species and how they express themselves in the soil of Candelaria Yegolé! Highly limited.


Spirit Type:
Agave / Sotol / Pox
Spirit Sub Type:

Sizes Available

Full Bottle MX-XRC-21-NV 6/750ml

Tasting Notes

Part of the third drop of thrilling new ensambles from Vicente Sánchez Parada has finally landed! Vicente (brother to Rey Campero’s primary founding mezcalero, Romulo) has been helming production more and more over the past couple of years, and he’s been causing a stir with some of his truly inspiring new harvest blends.

An even split of equal parts Mexicano and Madre Cuishe, this batch promises to be an instant classic. The family is notorious for their deep, earthy take on Agave rhodacantha (Mexicano), highlighting its notes of cooked fiber, tobacco leaves, and saddlebags; paired with the plush density and vegetal, nutty aromatics of Madre Cuishe, this limited-edition bottling is a love letter aimed straight at the heart of Rey Campero’s most passionate followers.