Mexicano, Mezcal, El Jolgorio

Traditional mezcal forms an important part of rituals, ceremonies and festivities—known as “jolgorios”—in the rural and indigenous Zapotec villages of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Created by the Cortés family, El Jolgorio is widely acknowledged as one of the finest collections of agave spirits available. The ever-changing lineup of mezcales represent the most rare expressions the family bottles: wild, semi-wild and cultivated agaves, rare pechuga distillations, and small batches rested in glass for three, six, or as much as eighteen years before release.

From batch to batch, an individual variety of agave will generally be sourced from different mezcaleros, in different regions, reducing the pressure put upon any one community’s agave population and spreading the financial benefits among families all over Oaxaca – but the unmatched quality of El Jolgorio mezcales remains the same.

Spirit Type:
Agave / Sotol / Pox
Spirit Sub Type:

Tasting Notes

Mexicano (Agave rhodacantha) is among the most widespread varieties in Mexico, with examples turning up and even being cultivated from Sonora to Oaxaca and beyond. It typically looks quite similar to the more well-known Azul (Agave tequilana) and Espadín (Agave angustifolia) except quite a bit larger and with more & denser spiney leaves (“pencas”).

Often associated with higher sugar content and more vibrant fruit tones, Mexicano is hard to predict, and can run a wide range of flavor profiles – from highly mineral and dense with salt and earth, to bold and citrusy.

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