Eigashima Shuzo (Sake)

Kamitaka 'Mizumoto' Junmai Sake

Kamitaka 'Mizumoto' Junmai Sake

Junmai Sake Mizumoto Kamitaka

Brewery: Eigashima Shuzo • Prefecture: Hyogo • Rice: Hitomebare milled to 70% • Yeast: – • Water: Snowmelt water from Mt. Rokko • SMV: -2.5 • Acidity: 2.2 • ABV: 15%

  • Sturdy sake, strong rice flavors balanced by a beautiful dry acidity.
  • Made in the ancient “Mizumoto” style that creates big boned, high acid sake with character.
  • Hitomebare is an eating rice with more fats and proteins that contribute to big flavors especially at a low 70% polish.
  • Pair with richer foods like soft cheeses, grilled meats, katsu, and richer fish dishes. Particularly good with the local Akashi specialty of octopus.

Mizumoto is the earliest recorded technique in sake production, predating both the kimoto and yamahai methods. Mizumoto (literally “water starter”) is a process by which the rice is first soaked in water to promote lactic acid fermentation. This soaking water is then saved as the brewing water for the production alongside the koji, soaked rice and yeast. The fermentation time takes roughly 3 to 4 weeks before the mash is pressed and filtered, then rested in tanks for an additional 6 to 12 months.


Hyogo Prefecture
Hitomebare Rice

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Full Bottle JP-EIG-01-NV 6/720ml