PUNI Distillery

Italian Malt Whisky, 'VINA - Dry Marsala Vergine Cask'

Italian Malt Whisky, 'VINA - Dry Marsala Vergine Cask', PUNI

Italian Malt Whisky, 'VINA - Dry Marsala Vergine Cask', PUNI

Begun in 2010, PUNI is Italy’s first and only whisky producer. Hailing from South Tyrol, a province in the northeast of the country, the distillery takes its name from the nearby Puni River. An ideal location for whisky production, the “Highlands of Italy” have a long tradition of growing grain, with rye the dominant variety due to the area’s dry climate and low precipitation. PUNI uses this locally grown rye in its triple-grain mash bill along with malted barley and wheat, contributing a distinct flavor that speaks to PUNI’s vibrant location.


Trentino/Alto Adige
Spirit Type:
World Whisky
Spirit Sub Type:
Single Malt / Malt / Pure Malt

Sizes Available

Full Bottle IT-XPU-04-NV 6/750ml

Tasting Notes

Distilled from a combination of barley, wheat, and rye (all malted) and aged for five years in first-fill Marsala casks, PUNI VINA marries Italy’s first whisky distillery with its most revered fortified wine, creating a uniquely Italian whisky experience. With aromas reminiscent of decadent sherry, the VINA is rich and textural on the palate but never cloying, bolstered by raisins and baking spices and a long, dry, savory finish. Non-chill filtered with no added coloring. 43% ABV