PUNI Distillery

Begun in 2010, PUNI is Italy’s first and only whisky producer, situated in the Italian Alps of South Tyrol in the Venosta (or in German, the Vinschgau) Valley. PUNI takes its name from a nearby river and the raetic language deeply rooted in the region (much like many Scottish distilleries take their names from gaelic). Extreme variation in seasonal climate and access to alpine water make this an ideal locale for whisky production.

 Italy has a rich history of Scottish whisky connoisseurship, and Albrecht Ebensperger was inspired to lay the foundation for PUNI based on this national passion. Accordingly, the distillery employs two pot stills handcrafted by Forsyths in Rothes, Scotland. Production commenced in February, 2012, and PUNI currently carries a range of whiskies made from a blend of 100% malted grains. The Highlands of Italy have a long tradition of growing grain, with rye the dominant variety due to the area’s dry climate and low precipitation. PUNI uses this locally grown rye in its triple-grain mash bill along with malted barley and wheat, contributing a distinct flavor that speaks to PUNI’s vibrant location.