San Pietro

The Consorzio Viticoltori Alto Adige was established in 1984 and includes six Alto Adige producers. Vinification up to finished wine for bottling takes place in the various estates’ cellars in order not to alter the single local specialties, while bottling of all wines is carried out at the Appiano headquarters.

Vineyard Management: In South Tyrol cover crops (grass cover) are left on the rows between the vines in 98% of the vineyards. This protects the soil from erosion, increases the humus content and creates ideal habitat for “useful” insects. With targeted, mainly organic fertilizing, deficiencies or imbalances in the soil are evened out and the vines are fertilized. Integrated insect and disease control (lotta integrata) is followed. The Alto Adige region supports the growers with consultants and technical staff for the monitoring of insects and of diseases. The region tries to prevent the use of harmful products as the vineyards are mostly near villages and towns. With pesticides, the “threshold of damage” principle is observed and only with proven need can pesticides be used. Organic pesticides are preferred over chemicals to the greatest extent possible. Spraying takes place much less frequently, but in a more targeted and efficient manner. Low doses of SO2 in the wines help preserve them for sale.

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