Killowen Distillery

Irish Blended Whiskey '10yr Tequila Cask - Experimental Series'

Irish Blended Whiskey, '10yr Tequila Cask - Experimental Series', Killowen Distillery
  • Blended Irish Whiskey independently sourced and bottled by Killowen Distillery.
  • Blend of three whiskies sourced from undisclosed distilleries: 75% Grain Irish Whiskey, 5% Single Malt Irish Whiskey distilled in Ireland and 20% Single Malt Irish Whiskey distilled in N. Ireland.
  • Blend of whiskies aged 10–12 years in ex-bourbon casks and ex-sherry butts and finished in an ex-Tequila barrel from an undisclosed distillery.
  • Ripe pear with herbal undertones on the nose primes a palate full of almond, green apple & tarragon, tobacco, and dark chocolate. A long finish of wood spice and fresh fig exhibits a subtle smokiness.
  • Non-chill-filtered; 52.5% ABV (cask strength)
  • Total release of 350 bottles


United Kingdom
Northern Ireland
Spirit Type:
Irish Whiskey
Spirit Sub Type:
Blended / Blended Malt

Sizes Available

Half Bottle UK-XKW-13-NVH 6/375ml


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