Killowen Distillery

Irish Blended Whiskey '10yr Burgundy Pinot Noir Cask - Experimental Series'

Irish Blended Whiskey, '10yr Burgundy Pinot Noir Cask - Experimental Series', Killowen Distillery
  • Blended Irish Whiskey independently sourced and bottled by Killowen Distillery.
  • Blend of three whiskies sourced from undisclosed distilleries: 75% Grain Irish Whiskey, 5% Single Malt Irish Whiskey distilled in Ireland and 20% Single Malt Irish Whiskey distilled in N. Ireland.
  • Blend of whiskies aged 10–12 years in ex-bourbon casks and ex-sherry butts and finished in an ex-Pinot Noir cask from Burgundy.
  • Honeycrisp apple and wild mint are complemented by honeysuckle and nutmeg on the nose. A palate of cheesecake topped with lemon curd and blackberries is balanced by notes of spice imparted by the European oak of the finishing cask. Pine, fresh blackberries, and blackberry jam punctuate the finish.
  • Non-chill-filtered; 52.5% ABV (cask strength)
  • Total release of 350 bottles


United Kingdom
Northern Ireland
Spirit Type:
Irish Whiskey
Spirit Sub Type:
Blended / Blended Malt

Sizes Available

Half Bottle UK-XKW-15-NVH 6/375ml


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