Fey Anme (Forest Liqueur), Ayiti Bitters Co.

Fey Anme (Forest Liqueur), Ayiti Bitters Co.

Labbé and Dupré Barbancourt began distilling rum in Haiti from locally sourced clairin in 1862. In 1870, the brothers split to create their own distilling companies: Dupré founded Rhum Barbancourt and Labbé founded Jane Barbancourt Co., affectionately named after his granddaughter. Over time, the company’s name evolved to Berling S.A. and is today run by Jane’s grandson, Herbert Barbancourt Lingé.

Berling S.A. continues to advocate for artisanal Haitian spirits, either through distillation or sourcing and bottling a wide variety of expressions. Ayiti Bitters Co. is a collaboration between Berling S.A. and High Road Spirits that endeavors to bring attention to the rich flora and fauna of Haiti.

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Tasting Notes

Fey Anmè features a blend of foraged botanicals highlighted by hibiscus flower buds, dandelion, citrus, bitter melon, and local pepper and barks. The addition of local honey provides sweetness and depth on the finish. The same bees responsible for this honey pollenate the flora of the forests that contribute their botanicals to this balanced bitter liqueur, creating a vibrant tableau of Haiti’s rich resources in liquid form. Enjoy as an aperitif or as a substitute for sweet vermouth in cocktails. 35% ABV


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