Ak Zanj / San Zanj – Haitian Rums

Ak Zanj  San Zanj 8211 Haitian Rums

Zanj Rums is a new label from one of the oldest operating rum distilleries in Haiti. Berling S.A. traces its lineage back to 1862 in Port-au-Prince, when it was co-founded by Labbe Barbancourt. Through over a century of ups, downs and commercial name changes, Berling S.A. has remained family-owned, and steadfast in their dedication to creating traditional and artisan Haitian spirits for the modern enthusiast.

Today, Labbe’s great-grandson Herbert Barbancourt Linge is owner and president of Berling S.A. Herbert has become a central figure in Haitian rum and clairin, known internationally for his expertise and long lineage in the category. Along with sourcing, blending and bottling some of the world’s most widely recognized clairin and rum brands, he has recently added distilling to his resume.