64 Reykjavik Distillery

Dill Aquavit

Dill Aquavit

Dill Aquavit 64 Reykjavik Distillery
  • Dill aquavit produced at 64° Reykjavik Distillery in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, 6 miles south of Reykjavik
  • Featured botanicals include certified-organic dill seeds & rhubarb stalks sourced from local farms and locally foraged Icelandic angelica, crowberries, & wild Arctic thyme
  • Base of sourced neutral grain spirit made from wheat
  • The base spirit is distilled a second time on 64° Reykjavik Distillery’s CARL copper pot still and botanicals are placed directly in the still on the third distillation
  • Aromas of fresh dill, snap peas, lemon oil, and fennel fronds are complemented by Mentos and Good & Plenty candies. The palate transitions to delicate notes of tomatillos, pickled green tomatoes, and endive with an elegantly sweet and savory finish of licorice and MSG.
  • Non-chill filtered; 43% ABV

This taffel-style aquavit (taffel, meaning “table”, is a clear expression intended for intuitive food pairing) may highlight dill, but don’t be fooled into thinking it one-note: waves of herbal complexity comprise a verdant aquavit with much to ponder. Just don’t contemplate for too long—this spritely spirit is ready to cavort with classically cured and pickled dishes or lay the foundation for cocktails that explore the push and pull of savory and sweet.


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Full Bottle IS-XRD-01-NV 12/700ml