Starlight Distillery

Bourbon Whiskey Carl T. Bourbon (VDN Cask - 9th Floor)

Bourbon Whiskey Carl T. Bourbon (VDN Cask - 9th Floor)

Bourbon Whiskey Carl T Bourbon VDN Cask  9th Floor Starlight Distillery
  • Single barrel bourbon finished in Vino de Naranja barrels produced by Starlight Distillery in Starlight, Indiana
  • Selected by the Skurnik Spirits Team and bottled exclusively for Skurnik
  • 4-grain mash bill of 51% corn, 20% rye, 20% malted barley, 9% wheat
  • Produced primarily with estate-grown non-GMO corn and rye; wheat and malted barley locally sourced
  • 7-day closed-top, sweet mash fermentation in stainless steel
  • Twice distilled in a Vendome brass and copper pot still
  • Aged minimum 4 years in new American oak; finished 3–8 moths in first fill Vino de Naranja casks
  • Aromas of Navel orange peel, wildflower honey, and cinnamon precede an oily palate bursting with sweet orange and candied ginger with a long, piquant finish of canned peaches, mace, and arugula.
  • Non-chill filtered; bottled at a cask strength of 52.6% ABV

“A unanimous selection by the Skurnik Spirits team, this single barrel instantly won us over with its Vino de Naranja cask finish. The influence of the Vino de Naranja—a Spanish aromatized wine produced by macerating orange peels in sweet white wine made from sun-dried grapes—lends an unforgettable honeyed citrus note.” — Jake Cahill, Skurnik Spirits Specialist


United States
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American Whiskey
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Sizes Available

Full Bottle US-XSL-36-01 12/750ml