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Sweetdram, the London-based duo of Daniel Fisher and Andrew McLeod Smith, met getting their Masters in Distillation from Edinburgh University.  The two set out to create liqueurs relevant to modern drinkers and bartenders. It all started with a concept: rethink liqueurs in style and category, meaning, looking past tradition.  That meant not trying to imitate other producers and products or pigeon-holing ideas just to fit the typical expectations.  While painstaking research is done in their London laboratory, the team chooses to “pop up” in ancillary distilleries for use of alternative equipment and promote collaboritive efforts.  Thus far they have worked in collaboration with Distillerie Combier in France (Escubac), as well as King’s County in Brooklyn (Cherry Moonshine).  We look forward to the future collaborations of these talented gentlemen!

Region: England

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