Kodama Brewery

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The Kodama brewery was founded in 1879 in Katagami City, Akita Prefecture at the foot of Mt. Taiheizan (“Great Peaceful Mountain”). Blessed with abundant quality rice & fresh clean mountain water, the generations have nurtured & developed renowned expertise in brewing sake.

Kodama Jozo’s sake is known for their rich texture & complex umami. One of the secrets behind this is in the special creation of moto (yeast starter) before main fermentation. Kodama Brewery has developed a modern, modified version of traditional kimoto method, known as the “Akita Kimoto Method” to create a strong moto. The finished strong moto made by this Akita Kimoto style is clean & resistant to the cold Akita climate for slow & prolonged fermentations. It is these long fermentations at low temperatures which create aromatic elegant fragrance & complexity.