Famille des Causses

Famille des Causses is the future of Cahors. This historic region, long known for the dense and powerful Malbec that grow on the riverbanks of the Lot River, has always been home to an abundance of limestone slopes which have for years been neglected. When limestone maniacs Pedro Parra and Antonio Morescalchi of Altos Las Hormigas came to the region, they looked to partner with the few growers who were crazy enough to farm the steep and super rocky soils of those slopes. As Pedro remembers, “It took us five years to find limestone in Argentina. Here, it took five minutes.” The duo forged a long term relationship with the Sigaud family and Chateau les Croiselle, who own vineyards on these rocky slopes, making a very elegant style of Cahors that is rarely seen outside of France. This is an exciting venture that represents the future for a region that has long been overdue for the spotlight.

Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic