Chateau Laulerie

The Dubard family are the proprietors of this beautifully rugged Chateau, found in the rolling hills of Bergerac in the Southwest of France. Being just east of Bordeaux, this area has long been overhsadowed by its more famous neighbor, but in recent years has become an insider secret for being the home of exceptional wines at great values. Chateau Laulerie exemplifies this in their traditional and meticulous approach to grape growing and hands-off approach in the cellar.

The family settled down as growers and winemakers in Bergerac in the late 1970s. Their vines are situated on calcareous-clayish hillsides overlooking the right bank of the Dordogne river. With excellent south, south-west exposure and a moderate climate, the grapes achieve balanced ripeness each year. Certified sustainable farming methods, including grass between vines, promotion of biodiversity, water conversation, and carbon neutrality helps to maintain the character of the terroir. The result is a lineup of wines that outperform their humble price tag.

Farming Practice: