Cave des Tilleuls

Fabienne Cottagnoud has an unusual passion for the land and dramatic geology that surrounds her in the town of Vetroz. Reveling in the layers of schist, gneiss and granite, she strives to capture the nuances of the mineral soils of her vineyards. Listening to her or her husband, Marc-Henri, wax poetic about all that nature provides them, it is easy to fall in love with their way of life, sustained by local foods, cheese from their cow, and the wines from their cellar.

Working with the indigenous varietals of the Valais, the Cottagnouds are traditionalists, yet they also manage to push the boundaries with their wines. They experiment with their vinification to unlock the potential of each varietal, going so far as to produce a Jura-style Vin Jaune of Amigne, the marquee grape of the Valais.

Fabienne is responsible for the vinification of the wines and Marc-Henri manages the vineyards. This couple takes a holistic approach the production of their wines and the favorable climate that surrounds the Valais provides great advantage to organic farming as this spectacular region is blessed with abundant sunshine and moderate rainfall.