The Impex Collection

Single Grain Whisky '16 Year Fukano'

Single Grain Whisky '16 Year Fukano'

Single Grain Whisky 16 Year Fukano Impex Collection
  • Single barrel koji rice whisky distilled and aged by Fukano Distillery in Hitoyoshi City, Japan
  • Cask #218 selected by ImpEx Beverage Vice President, Chris Uhde; bottled exclusively for The ImpEx Collection
  • Produced from 100% rice (koji, malted, and unmalted)
  • Distilled in a stainless-steel pot still
  • Aged 16 years in oak
  • Bubblegum, lychee, sandalwood, candied orange, and vanilla on the nose; an umami palate of starfruit, sugared plum, spiced cake, and mulberry with oak, vanilla, and mint on a long finish
  • Limited release of only 160 bottles
  • Non-chill filtered; bottled at cask strength of 44.4% ABV

Distilled in 2005 and matured entirely in Japan by the legendary Fukano Distillery, this single cask release was selected for The ImpEx Collection to showcase a purely oak-driven expression of Japanese koji rice whisky.


Spirit Type:
Japanese Whisky
Spirit Sub Type:
Single Grain

Sizes Available

Full Bottle UK-XIM-20-NV 6/750ml