Song Cai Distillery

Vietnam Spiced Roselle Gin

Vietnam Spiced Roselle Gin

Vietnam Spiced Roselle Gin Song Cai Distillery
  • Vietnamese spiced hibiscus gin produced by Sông Cái Distillery in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Native and heirloom Vietnamese botanicals include Sim (rose myrtle berry), hibiscus buds, thảo quả (black cardamom), chanh thanh yên (citron), and hạt dổi seed
  • Juniper sourced from Macedonia; all other botanicals locally sourced in collaboration with Vietnamese highland mountain communities
  • Neutral spirit produced from rice and molasses
  • Botanicals are grouped by their flavor profiles and volatility, macerated in neutral spirit, and separately distilled before blending
  • Distilled in direct-fire copper alembic pot stills
  • Rose myrtle berries and hibiscus buds macerated in gin base for 1 year
  • Lightly sweetened with rose myrtle berries and sugar
  • Cascading layers of tannic fruit and woodsy spice from nose to finish with notes of rose myrtle berry and hibiscus along with licorice, cinnamon, pickled plum, dried fig, and ginger
  • 32.5% ABV

Rooted in traditional Vietnamese fruit liqueurs, Sông Cái Spiced Roselle Gin is all at once evocative of a sloe gin, sorrel, and light amaro. Bitter, spicy, and herbaceous, this uniquely Vietnamese expression is low enough in sugar and high enough in proof to function as a base spirit or modifier in cocktails. Try it a highball with ginger beer or in cocktails such as a Sloe Gin Fizz or Gin Rickey.


Spirit Type:
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Dry Gin

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Full Bottle VN-XSC-03-NV 12/700ml

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