Sweet Sake Vermouth 'Japanese Bermutto'

Sweet Sake Vermouth 'Japanese Bermutto'

Sweet Sake Vermouth Japanese Bermutto Oka
  • A uniquely Japanese interpretation of a classic sweet red vermouth crafted by the Tsutsumi Distillery in the Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan
  • Made from a Junmai sake base and fortified with 100% rice-based shochu
  • Full botanical list includes yomogi (Japanese mugwort), yuzu, kabosu (a high acid citrus fruit), sansho peppercorn, and ume (Japanese green plum)
  • Sweetened with kokuto (Okinawan raw cane sugar)
  • Richer and more robust than the drier, flagship Bermutto with aromas of stewed cherry, orange peel, brown sugar, and wood spice; the palate is bright and acidic with the kabosu and yomogi notably dialed up, lending notes of black tea, tart cherry, and citrus zest; the ume is prominent throughout, providing subtle marzipan and oxidized fruit notes similar to umeshu (Japanese plum liqueur)
  • 18% ABV

Oka Kura Bermutto (a Japanese phonetic spelling of vermouth), continues its exploration of aromatized, fortified sake with this sweet expression. Building upon a rebalancing of the four base botanicals of the drier, core Bermutto, Sweet Bermutto incorporates a powerful fifth ingredient: a bitter Japanese plum called ume. Ume’s tart astringency is right at home in this bitter botanical blend and is perfectly complemented and balanced by raw cane sugar from Okinawa.


Akita Sake Komachi Rice

Sizes Available

Full Bottle JP-XOK-02-NV 12/720ml