Watanabe Distillery

Asahi Mannen '10,000 Years' Sweet Potato Shochu

Asahi Mannen '10,000 Years' Sweet Potato Shochu

Sweet Potato Shochu Asahi Mannen  10000 Years Watanabe Distillery

Distillery: Watanabe Shuzo • Prefecture: Miyazaki • ABV: 25% • Mash Bill: 83% Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes, 17% Black Koji rice • Yeast: Native yeast, spontaneous fermentation • Still: Hybrid • Distillation: Jo-atsu (atmospheric) • Aging: 3-6 months in ceramic lined steel horo tanks

  • All sweet potatoes are carefully cultivated by the Watanabe brothers on their family farm and see only a quick cleaning after harvest to leave as much flavor of the soil as possible.
  • Fermented and distilled by hand using traditional equipment
  • Deep flavors of roasted sweet potato, lavender and walnuts, appealing finish of nutmeg.
  • On the rocks concentrates the finish, mixing with soda will lift floral aromatics, mixing with hot water will broaden sweetness and mouthfeel.

A testament to the possibilities of craftsmanship and personality in shochu production. Made from 83% Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes the Watanabe brothers cultivate themselves, 17% black koji rice that brings out rich and full aromas, and fermented and distilled using traditional equipment.


Miyazaki Prefecture
Spirit Type:
Shochu / Soju
Spirit Sub Type:
Imo (Sweet Potato)

Sizes Available

Full Bottle JP-XWT-01-NV 12/750ml