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Single Estate Blended Rum, Uruapan Charanda

Charanda is a sugarcane distillate that can only be made in 16 municipalities in Michoacán. The raw material (sugarcane molasses, or piloncillo) may only come from within the D.O and this speaks to the very specific volcanic red soil—called Charanda in the native language of Purepecha—that can be found here. The soil, which is extremely high in minerality and iron, creates the perfect cane-growing conditions when combined with the warm days and cool nights in Michoacán.

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Tasting Notes

This blend of 50% molasses and 50% sugarcane juice strikes a lovely balance between the terroir-specific character of the Pacheco’s estate-grown sugarcane and an aromatic funkiness reminiscent of Jamaican rum. 46% ABV

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