Uruapan Charanda

Charanda Single Estate Blended Rum

Charanda Single Estate Blended Rum

Charanda Single Estate Blended Rum Uruapan Charanda
  • Single estate sugarcane spirit produced by the historic Pacheco family in Uruapan, Michoacán
  • Blend of 50% fresh pressed sugarcane and 50% molasses
  • D.O., single estate molasses & fresh sugarcane cultivated over 4,000 feet above sea level; pressed using a water-powered mill
  • Fresh sugarcane open-air fermented 11 days; molasses close-fermented for 48 hours
  • Cane juice distilled twice in 1,000-liter, wood-fired, copper pot stills
  • Molasses distilled using a short, French-style column still
  • Full of mango and banana with an earthy, mineralic depth to balance the bright fruit; a whisp of smoke on the finish
  • 46% ABV

Uruapan Charanda’s flagship expression strikes a lovely balance between the terroir-specific character of the Pacheco’s estate-grown sugarcane and an aromatic funk reminiscent of a faintly smoky Jamaican rum. The unique split between cane juice and molasses makes this an extremely versatile cocktail ingredient with range and flexibility!


Spirit Type:
Rum / Rhum
Spirit Sub Type:

Sizes Available

1L MX-XUC-01-NVL 12/1000ml
Half Bottle MX-XUC-01-NVH 12/375ml
MX-XUC-01-NVHCT 24/375ml