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Sakura Bitters

Sakura Bitters

Sakura Bitters The Japanese Bitters Co
  • Cherry blossom bitters produced by The Japanese Bitters Company in Tokyo, Japan
  • Yaezakura blossoms and pickled leaves undergo a sous vide maceration in locally sourced neutral spirit
  • Aromas of vivacious cherry blossom, green tea, sweet pea, and freshly cut grass with subtle oceanic undertones of nori; highly salinic and faintly tannic palate packed with pickled green plum and salted cherry blossom; sweet, umami-rich finish displaying cinnamon, rose, and tea tannin
  • Provides a distinct note of floral cherry blossom in cocktails while the pickled Sakura leaves contribute salinity, bolstering natural fruit flavors and softening richness with subtle woody tannin
  • 27% ABV

The national flower of Japan, Sakura is a blossom from any number of species of ornamental cherry trees. Yaezakura, which means multi-layered cherry blossom, is a catch-all term for cherry blossoms with more than five petals. Yaezakura from the Nagano prefecture provide the cherry blossoms while yaezakura leaves are sourced from the Shizuoka prefecture where they are naturally pickled with ocean salt, resulting in a bitterness reminiscent of Sakura Sencha, or cherry blossom green tea. While shelf stable, refrigeration is recommended after opening to ensure optimal potency.


Spirit Type:
Cocktail Bitters
Spirit Sub Type:
Botanical / Floral / Herbal / Root / Spiced

Sizes Available

Full Bottle JP-XJB-04-NV 12/100ml