Distillerie Augustin Meles

Rum Clairin Pignon

Rum Clairin Pignon, Distillerie Augustin Meles
  • Clairin Rum twice-distilled by Boss Méles Augustin Normil in Pignon, Haiti, from vinasse and cane syrup on a pot still
  • Vinasse is the dense and flavorful matter left in the still after distillation. It is collected and saved in a vat or hole in the ground and then added to new batches to help kickstart fermentation.
  • Pignon is located at the border of the Central Plateau and North Department and is one of the country’s top sugarcane-producing areas.
  • Cane syrup is sourced from nearby producers, blended with water and vinasse and fermented in large, open-top vats.
  • Ester and notes of cotton candy, dry sap, and cinnamon bark greet the nose; the full-bodied palate offers saline, young tree bark, green peppercorn, and a lingering flavor of brûléed sugar.
  • Bottled by hand at its full strength of 51% ABV

This expression of Haiti’s heritage rum known as clairin exhibits how versatile the category can be in its production methods. With a lush personality that richly expresses the cane from which it is made, this full-bodied distillate offers a gateway to ester-heavy Jamaican rums while simultaneously expanding one’s knowledge of the Haitian style and terroir; a must-not-miss for anyone looking to level-up their rum game.


Spirit Type:
Rum / Rhum
Spirit Sub Type:
Haitian / Clairin

Sizes Available

Full Bottle HT-XAM-01-NV 12/750ml


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