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Rhum Agricole Blanc 55%, Rhum JM

Rhum J.M is a brand with a long and rich history. In the late 17th century, Pére Labat, a Jesuit priest credited with proliferating sugar cultivation in the French West Indies, was the parish priest of Macouba and also operated a sugar refinery at his home on the Roche River. This is where Rhum J.M is produced today. Antoine Leroux-Préville purchased the estate in 1790, and in 1845, Antoine Leroux-Préville’s daughters sold the property to Jean-Marie (J.M) Martin, a merchant from Saint-Pierre. Jean-Marie Martin recognized the superior quality of the sugarcane and decided to shift cultivation practices away from producing huge quantities of sugar and instead focused on producing the finest quality rhum agricole. The rich sugarcane flavors in Rhum J.M are a result of unique volcanic soil, tropical humidity, tremendous ventilation from the steady sea breeze along the mountainside, and the excellent drainage on the sloping sugarcane fields.

Montagne Pelee
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Tasting Notes

J.M Blanc 110 Proof displays the raw power of what is regarded as the best sugarcane on the island and speaks of mango, overripe banana, and papaya. The higher proof retains more of the vibrant freshness for which rhum agricole is praised.

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