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Organic Rye Vodka, Square One

Square One is an exciting project from Northern California. This brand truly stands alone in the category of flavored (or in this case, ‘infused’) vodkas. They are all produced from 100% Organic Rye, and are paintstakingly worked into some of the purest distillations of vodka available today. The flavor infusions utilize real fruits and herbs, nothing artificial, and require several runs of careful distillation in order to blend for the proper flavor and texture profiles. There is a ton of passion behind this brand and the people who have created it. Their products are truly one of a kind!

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Tasting Notes

Square One Organic Rye Vodka is a premium spirit, with a rich, nutty taste and full silky texture.  Made from 100% organic rye and pristine water from the Teton Mountains, the luscious quality of Square One Rye Vodka is the direct result of the painstaking, sustainable decisions made through thoughtful farming, meticulous fermentation, and distillation.

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