Grapefruit Crema Liqueur, Tattersall Distilling

Grapefruit Crema Liqueur, Tattersall Distilling

Tattersall Distilling, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and launched in 2015, produces a range of spirits, liqueurs, and ready-to-drink cocktails that are distilled with an eye towards craft, regional sourcing, sustainability, and approachability.

Brand founders and childhood friends, Dan Oskey and Jon Kreidler, imbue Tattersall’s DNA with a compelling history of complementary professional experiences. Dan is a hospitality veteran who has established successful bar programs within the Twin Cities and Jon lends his business acumen to Tattersall, honed during a career in finance. After being inspired by craft distilling trends on the West Coast, Jon enrolled in the Artisan Distilling Program at Michigan State University to better prepare for the enterprise of building Tattersall. With the added insight of Bentley Gillman, Distillery Manager, and his extensive background in foraging and experimental fermentation and distillation, the team is able to craft an impressive array of spirits at their distillery on a core set of Vendome stills, while using a 50-gallon, hybrid alembic still for R&D, which allows them to push the limits of experimentation and remain nimble with small-batch releases. Tattersall runs a Cocktail Room on the site as well, that allows for practical cocktailing to inform the applications of the range.

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Tasting Notes

Tattersall Grapefruit Crema is crafted with a careful balance of grapefruit zest and supporting botanicals. A base of 100% organic corn is distilled in a pot still and vapor infused with botanicals including fresh grapefruit peel, a touch of allspice, galangal (ginger family), and Thai lime, this liqueur is bright and fresh in taste. A 40% ABV makes it a versatile cocktailing component that can function as a replacement for classic curaçaos or triple secs, or as a base spirit in highballs and royales.


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