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Clementino della Piana

Clementino della Piana

Clementino della Piana Caffo
  • Clementine liqueur produced by Gruppo Caffo at the Fratelli Caffo Distillery in Limbadi, Italy
  • Botanicals include clementine peels and saffron
  • Clementines are sourced from La piana di Gioia Tauro (the Gioia Tauro plain), a lush and historically rich area located just north of Reggio Calabria and known, in part, for its cultivation of olives and citrus
  • Clementines are harvested from approximately December to February
  • The citrus peels are macerated in neutral grain spirit for approximately 30 days
  • The final botanical maceration is combined with additional spirit, sugar beet sugar, and water that has been sourced from Caffo’s internal well and then demineralized
  • A nose of clementine oil, whipped cream, and orange sorbet leads to a dynamic palate of clementine peel and flesh, tapering into citrus-oil bitterness before lingering with a pleasant hint of warming spice
  • No added coloring
  • 30% ABV

Clementines, a cross between a bitter orange and a mandarin, are known for their aromatic peels and almost seedless, sweet flesh. The clementines grown in Calabria are widely considered to be some of the very best, hence their protected geographical indication (Clementine di Calabria IGP). Caffo continues its tradition of capturing the very best of Calabria’s agricultural bounty with this dimensional orange liqueur. Use as a cocktailing component or simply enjoy, as they do in Calabria, over ice, topped with tonic or club soda.


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Full Bottle IT-XGC-17-NV 12/700ml