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Aquavit, 'Rugbraud' [Rye Bread], Brennivín

The beginnings of Brennivín date back to 1935 when prohibition was partially lifted in Iceland. Brennivín literally translates into ‘Burnt Wine,’ same as the Dutch ‘gebrande wijn’ or BRANDYwine. Brennivin’s nickname, Svartidauði, which translates to ‘Black Death,’ built a devoted cult following during and post-Prohibition in Iceland. Until relatively recently, Brennivin was frequently smuggled back to the US in the luggage of travelers. Now readily available, Brennivín Aquavit champions complex cocktails with its savory aroma and flavor.

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Rúgbraud is a traditional, Icelandic dark rye bread. Rather than baking in an oven, this bread is prepared in the ground using natural, volcanic heat. For this expression of Brennivín, rúgbraud bread is baked at Geysir, the site of Brennivín’s newest rickhouse. The bread is crumbled and mixed with Brennivín’s classic aquavit and allowed to sit for two weeks before filtration and bottling. Here, two Icelandic traditions combine to create the delicious sensation of biting into freshly baked rye bread! 40% ABV

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