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Aquavit, Brennivin

Simply put, aquavit is a dry, caraway/dill/anise infused vodka. Brennivin ONLY uses caraway.

Aquavit translates into “Water of Life”, same as eau de vie.  Iceland is famous for their soft, alkaline glacial water, leading to a silky texture and slightly sweet palate.

Brennivín’s unique caraway flavor, its scarcity outside of Iceland, and its nickname Svartidauði, which translates to “Black Death”, has built a devoted cult following. It is frequently smuggled in the luggage of returning travelers.

Brennivín Aquavit is also easily used in cocktails.  Brennivin has a savory aroma/flavor.  Think of caraway as a culinary ingredient, which will lead to the many flavors which it works well with.  Herbs, tomato, smoke, apples, pears, red berries, vanilla, etc… Its application is vast an flavor easily recognizable.

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