American Single Malt Whiskey 'Old Pueblo' [Clear], Del Bac

American Single Malt Whiskey 'Old Pueblo' [Clear], Del Bac

Hamilton Distillers was founded by Stephen Paul and his daughter, Amanda. A professional woodworker/furniture maker and avid whiskey lover, Stephen sought the opportunity to combine his two passions and in 2006, he set forth on a journey that finally came to fruition in 2011. The name ‘Del Bac’ is a combination of Spanish & English, meaning ‘of the place where the river reappears in the sand.’ Del Bac is grain-to-glass, small batch, and single malt, with barley coming from both Arizona and Colorado. All malting is done in-house and aging takes place in 15-30 gallon barrels.

United States
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Single Malt

Tasting Notes

Every time Stephen distilled the mesquite-smoked product, he noticed the unique complexity of the distillate coming out of the still.  Stephen immediately saw the potential for this unaged, smoky spirit in the increasingly popular world of cocktails.  He was 100% right.  Del Bac’s “Clear” Whiskey has a wide application, easily used as a base, part of a base or as a modifier.  A smoky whiskey based Bloody Mary?  You bet it is a good idea!

This white whiskey gives you a glimpse of what’s to come.  Perfect for adding a pop of smoke to any cocktail.

45% ABV Bronze @ 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition


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