REGION: Jerez / Xérès / Sherry

In one of their old bodegas, Barbadillo discovered a cache of old tonic wines of indeterminate age and recipe and called on winemaker Montserrat Molina to develop a new vermouth recipe to approximate the flavor profiles of what they had found. The result is the potently delicious 'Atamán'.
Dating to 1821, Barbadillo is the reference house of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, where they own 500 hectares of their own vines, vinify all their own base wines, and age their sherries in a panoply of historic bodegas, most of them exposed to the fresh sea breezes wafting through the Barrio Alto.
“The name Tradición corresponds to a dual requirement: continuance of the family wine business and a return to the traditional styles and processes in the making of Sherry wines.” With the exception of a Fino, all the wines at Tradición are older than the firm itself.
Bodegas Tradición is a newer winery in Jerez but holds the honor of being the successor to the oldest winery in the area. Pursuing the best soleras available is the main objective of the company as well as sourcing old and first-rate American oak casks to house these exceptional brandies.
Lustau is widely considered one of the finest producers of sherry, with their Almacenista line breaking new ground in hand-crafted, boutique wines. Top to bottom, in every style category, the extensive range delivers legendary quality and unbeatable value.
Widely considered one of the finest producers of sherry in Jerez, Emilio Lustau produces brandy and vermouth ("vermut”) bringing their winning combination of superior quality and approachable pricing to bear on both categories as readily as their sherry.