Sweet Pea Martini

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass ; add ice & stir ; strain into chilled cocktail glass ; garnish with a fresh pea shoot sprig and a general sense of wellbeing

* To make a pea shoot infusion, snap about 1 cup of loose pea shoots in half, preparing their stems breathe the liquor in deeply; in a jar, combine them a clean, clear vodka like Helix and seal for one week. When home-infusing, always keep your work-in-progress away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight. Ideally, store it in a cool dark place, letting it rest and do the work of bonding. Finally, strain the solids out, grab a bottle of vermouth (we actually prefer a sweeter vermouth blanc here, to help mimic the soft sweetness of a fresh pea) and stir up a garden-fresh bracer to make PG Wodehouse and Alice Waters equally pleased.