Ramos Gin Fizz

Combine liquid (except orange blossom water) in small shaking tin, and cream and egg white in large shaking tin (keep these separate in case you drop an egg shell, you can quickly dump and crack another egg.) Close tins tightly and do a quick dry shake. Open the tins and add ice for your wet shake. Shake this about a minute, grab your chilled fizz or Collins glass, strain contents into small tin and add a splash of soda water. Now pour all the contents into a chilled glass, which should be almost full, and place it in the freezer. Clean up your tins, talk to your friend, make more drinks, and give that guy patiently waiting for the most time-consuming drink in history a big smile, because this should all take about 1-3 minutes. Remove your Ramos Gin Fizz from the freezer. To the naked eye nothing has really changed, but add another splash of soda water and watch the contents raise up out of the glass and don’t get greedy, stop before you make a mess. From here either spray your orange blossom on the top or take an eye dropper and drop three drops directly in. Voile!