Mezcal Cuish

Cuish Mezcaleria was founded in 2009 by Felix Hernandez Monterrosa, in the same location where his parents once ran a small mezcal shop (“expendio”). Felix and his family have a long history in both the production and preservation of traditional mezcales in Oaxaca, through commercial and civic organizations.

Cuish was the first modern mezcaleria in Oaxaca City, dedicated to promoting and protecting traditional mezcales, and educating mezcal drinkers both locally and internationally. It has been a haunt for artists and mezcal advocates alike, and helped to inspire numerous iconic mezcalerias across the country. Promoting the maestros mezcaleros and mezcaleras they collaborate with has always been a focus for Cuish, and production is left entirely to the discretion of the maestros themselves and the local traditions in which they work. As a result, every batch bottled by Cuish is a unique snapshot of the people and place from which the mezcal comes.