Hirsch Vineyards

Hirsch Vineyards

Perched on a ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Fort Ross, Hirsch Vineyards embodies the essence of exceptional Pinot Noir on the extreme Sonoma Coast. Founded by David Hirsch in 1980, the vineyard’s core philosophy is centered around growing fruit and crafting site-specific wines that authentically reflect the profound characteristics of the terroir with each passing vintage. This commitment to capturing the clash of opposites in Nature and Life is evident in every sip, as the wines convey the edge of the continent kissed by the sea, dynamic geological forces along the San Andreas Fault, and the diverse climates from wet winters to dry summers.

Situated on land purchased by David Hirsch in 1978, the vineyard has evolved into one of the oldest on the True Sonoma Coast. Primarily focusing on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, Hirsch Vineyards became highly sought after by prestigious wineries, leading David Hirsch to build a winery in 2002. This strategic decision aimed to deepen the understanding of each farming parcel, ensuring a natural balance and consistency in the wines. The commitment to site-specific terroir is further enhanced by the transition to biodynamic viticulture initiated by David in 2011, culminating in its completion in 2014. This holistic approach extends across the entire 72 acres, encompassing vineyards, gardens, and orchards.

Hirsch Vineyards proudly lies within the Fort Ross-Seaview AVA, enclosed within the West Sonoma Coast AVA, officially recognized in 2012. This distinctive growing area is characterized by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, high rainfall, rugged terrain, and elevated coastal elevations. Beyond geographical boundaries, the West Sonoma Coast AVA, founded in 2010, seeks to preserve the region’s history, landscape, and culture, officially recognized in 2022.

Key figures in the Hirsch Vineyards story include David Hirsch, the visionary founder; Everardo Robledo, Vineyard Manager since 1988, a master of viticulture on the extreme Sonoma Coast; and Jasmine Hirsch, General Manager and Winemaker, embodying the family’s commitment to the land, vines, and wines. 

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