Hendry Vineyards, nestled just north of the Carneros district in Napa Valley, has a storied history that began in 1939 when George and Margaret Hendry purchased the property. The couple, who married in 1932, relocated to Napa from Point Richmond, California. George, an agronomy professor with a passion for agricultural practices and history, initially focused on documenting wheat varieties and pests in California. His untimely death in 1944 left Margaret to manage the ranch on her own, a task she undertook with remarkable resilience, overseeing the cultivation of grapes, prune-plums, walnuts, and cattle while raising their two young sons, George O. and Andrew​.

Under Margaret’s stewardship, the Hendry family maintained and developed the ranch through challenging times. Both of her sons pursued higher education, with George O. graduating from UC Berkeley and Andrew from UC Davis. George O. Hendry, who had grown up on the ranch, balanced a career in cyclotron design with his responsibilities at the vineyard. His innovative spirit extended to his work on the ranch, where in the 1970s, he led significant replanting efforts, transitioning the ranch from prune orchards to vineyards with varieties like Zinfandel, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon. This period marked the beginning of Hendry Ranch’s reputation for producing high-quality grapes sought after by renowned winemakers such as Robert Mondavi​.

The vineyard, now encompassing 203 acres with 117 acres planted, is meticulously managed in 49 unique blocks to accommodate its diverse soil types and microclimates. This block management system allows for the precise cultivation of 11 different grape varieties. Sustainability is a core principle at Hendry, with practices that include minimal use of herbicides and pesticides, maintaining cover crops to enhance soil health, and employing organic methods when necessary. This commitment to sustainable farming has been a cornerstone of the Hendry family’s legacy for over 80 years​.

Today, George’s nephew, Mike Hendry, oversees the vineyard management, continuing the family tradition of excellence and sustainability. The winery itself features a state-of-the-art gravity flow system and an in-house bottling line, ensuring the highest quality in their estate-grown wines. Hendry’s wines are crafted with an emphasis on balanced alcohol levels, dry styles, and subtle oak influence, showcasing the pure expression of their unique terroir. This dedication to quality and sustainability has cemented Hendry Vineyards’ status as a distinguished producer in Napa Valley​.

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