Cardano Estate

With over 100 years of winemaking in his family, Ed Snider has a deep rooted history of winemaking in the Napa Valley.  His grandfather Martin Garzoli moved to Napa California from Cardano Al Campo, Italy in 1913 to work as a winemaker/farmer.  In 1999, Ed Snider decided to pick up where his grandfather left off and created his very own winery, Beau Vigne, where they were perhaps best known for making the CULT Cabernet Sauvignon brand.

In 2018, Beau Vigne was sold but Ed Snider’s vision of creating perfect Cabernets was not yet over.  Ed decided that he wanted to honor his grandfather and his heritage by creating a new label, Cardano Estate Wines, with his son as the Assistant Winemaker – roots run deep. The 1913 Napa Cab tells a story of over 100 years and three generations of winemakers from the Napa Valley.  At Cardano Estate he would follow his passion by creating great wines at a much more affordable price to reach a broader spectrum of wine lover.