Canaviais Cachaça

Canaviais Cachaa

Produced in the Brazilian coastal state of Santa Catarina, CANAVIAIS [ka•NAH•vi•ice], translating to “sugarcane fields” in Portuguese, is a cocktail-friendly cachaça produced from some of the most coveted sugarcane varieties in South America.

Cachaça is not only the most widely consumed spirit in Brazil, but also the most consumed sugarcane spirit in the world by volume. Distilled from sugarcane juice, cachaça has been produced in Brazil since the 16th century when Portuguese colonizers introduced sugarcane to the country, predating Caribbean rum and establishing cachaça as the first sugarcane spirit of the Americas.

Distilled at the Rech Distillery from Hawaiian and RB12 sugarcane grown on the island of Florianopolis, CANAVIAIS is produced following Brazil’s 2013 geographical indication (GI) for cachaça which stipulates production methods and variables including raw materials, congener levels, and additives. A bold and aromatic cocktailing spirit, try CANAVIAIS cachaça in a classic Caipirinha, Batida, or as a substitute for unaged rum.