Benito Ferrara

Benito Ferrara

“This small house is the number one producer of Greco di Tufo.”—Stephen Tanzer

 “an excellent producer with an impeccable track record”—Monica Larner

 “Benito Ferrara is one of Italy’s best white wine producers. Ferrara’s most famous wine, the Greco di Tufo Vigna Cicogna, is an Italian icon.”—Ian d’Agata

 “For Greco di Tufo, try Benito Ferrara*** (Vigna Cicogna is one of Italy’s ten best whites; their entry level Greco is also exceptional).” –Ian D’Agata’s Native Grapes of Italy

“Benito Ferrara’s Greco di Tufo Vigna Cicogna is perhaps the most elegant Greco di Tufo wine made in Italy today. Though it has the tannic power typical of Greco wines, it has a light on its feet quality, a dainty minerality and a lemony freshness that are not commonly found in other Greco di Tufo wines.”—Vinous

It was Nunziante Ferrara who first planted vineyards in San Paolo in the 1880s. A judge in Avellino, he kept meticulous records of his activities, including transporting his wines by donkey to the town of Tufo to sell them to local osterie and private clients! Nunziante’s grandson Benito was the first to concentrate on producing high quality wine, and in 1991, the first label of the estate was born. The fourth generation of the Ferrara family, Gabriella Ferrara and husband Sergioare are now at the helm. They have 12.5 hectares under vine at 450-600 meters above sea level in calcareous clay soil of volcanic origin, with chunks of yellow sulfur marking the surface of the yellow-tinged soils. Approximately 50,000 bottles are produced annually at this gem of a family-run estate with enologist Paolo Caciorgna –a student of Giulio Gambelli—assisting in the winemaking.

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