Pox, Siglo Cero

Pox (pronounced “pōsh”) is an ancient beverage of the Mayan culture in Chiapas, produced from grain and sugarcane. In the Mayan language, Pox means “medicine” or “healing”, and the spirit is still used in ceremony and ritual today.

Siglo Cero was created in collaboration with the indigenous Mayan community in Chiapas, and has a deep commitment to preserving the heritage it represents. All the corn used is sustainably grown by Mayan farmers, with a mission to preserve the heritage strains of corn endemic to the area. The sugarcane and wheat, likewise, are locally and sustainably sourced.

Spirit Type:
Agave / Sotol / Pox
Spirit Sub Type:

Tasting Notes

First, sugarcane is crushed, juiced and boiled to create piloncillo (like a sticky brick of raw brown sugar). Meanwhile, four different heritage varieties of corn (white, red, yellow and black) are dried, husked and ground.  Next, wheat bran is placed in a large wooden fermenter, and local spring water is slowly introduced. Finally, the ground corn, piloncillo and additional fresh sugarcane juice are added to the vat, where natural, spontaneous fermentation occurs over 10-18 days. The mash is distilled twice, using wood-fired copper pot stills, and proofed to around 42% ABV (proof will vary slightly from batch to batch).  The final result is savory on the nose and palate with notes of ancho and guajillo chiles, esquites, dried coconut, and baked corn husk.  A fascinating experience! 


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