The Kyoto Distillery

Plum & Berry Liqueur 'Ki No Bai'

Plum & Berry Liqueur 'Ki No Bai'

Plum  Berry Liqueur Ki No Bai The Kyoto Distillery
  • Limited-edition gin-based Japanese plum-and-berry liqueur produced by The Kyoto Distillery in Kyoto, Japan
  • Distilled using rice spirit and locally sourced botanicals
  • 5 botanicals include ume (Japanese plum), haskap berry, akamatsu (Japanese red pine), juniper, and orris root
  • Locally sourced ume are harvested at peak season from Akio Tanaka’s farm and macerated for several months in a special formulation of KI NO BI gin
  • When the desired extraction from the ume is reached, they are removed and Hokkaido haskap berries are added to the extraction to macerate for several weeks
  • Sweetened with Hokkaido beet sugar
  • Stewed red fruit, juniper, and marzipan greet the nose before the palate introduces sweet, juicy red fruit, vanilla, chamomile, and a dominant note of plum, with a delicate finish reminiscent of noyaux
  • Limited US release of 600 bottles
  • 29.9% ABV

Kyoto Distillery’s KI NO BAI is the liquid embodiment of East meets West—a little bit umeshu, a little bit sloe gin. Produced using Japanese plums, known as ume (which may also be called bai), and haskap—an edible bluebell, native to Hokkaido, described as a citrusy cross between a blueberry and a raspberry—KI NO BAI is a beautifully complex liqueur bursting with sweet-tart acidity.


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Full Bottle JP-XKD-21-NV 6/700ml