Paw Paw Liqueur

Paw Paw Liqueur

Paw Paw Liqueur Apologue
  • Seasonal paw paw botanical liqueur produced by Apologue in Thornton, Illinois
  • Botanical maceration in non-GMO neutral grain spirit includes paw paw pulp, peach, ginger, granny smith apple, cinnamon, lime peel, bitter orange peel, marshmallow root, licorice root, and vanilla bean
  • Paw paw sourced from two independent farms in Ohio and Indiana
  • Sweetened with organic cane sugar
  • Aromas of freshly baked apple pie, grated cinnamon, and maple syrup; the palate shows a kaleidoscope of fruit and spice—namely Honeycrisp apple, wildflower honey, toasted oats, and pineapple with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a touch of mint on the finish
  • Certified OU-Pareve Kosher
  • 33% ABV

Apologue continues their exploration of novel botanical liqueurs with paw paw, the largest edible fruit native to North America and the only non-tropical fruit in the family that includes cherimoya, custard apple, and soursop. Enjoy this liqueur over ice, with soda water or tonic, or as a modifier in cocktails as you would spiced, herbal liqueurs such as Becherovka.


United States
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Botanical / Floral / Herbal / Root / Spiced

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Full Bottle US-XAP-05-NV 12/750ml