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Savage Cherry Liqueur, Vicario

Renato Vicario and Janette Wesley own and operate 2 organic and sustainable farms on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, in Tuscany and South Carolina.  The spirits are crafted and sourced only from grains and fruits that are not genetically modified (no GMO company policy) and do not use any chemical additives or flavors.  In fact, many of the fruits, herbs, and spices used to create Vicario’s liqueurs are grown on their own farms.  Vicario and Wesley named their Italian farm “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” which is reflected in the imagery on their bottles; details from the Hieronymus Bosch painting illuminate each label of their artisanal liqueurs.

After many years of making liqueurs at home in Italy, Renato Vicario wrote a book titled “Italian Liqueurs” to share his knowledge.  Steeped in regional, mythical, and historical traditions, Vicario Liqueurs are made in the same traditional methods as they have been for centuries.

United States
South Carolina
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Vicario grows Visciole, an antiquated variety of wild sour cherry on their family farm in Cortona.  Strangly Darwinian, this cherry tree’s off shoots have a tendency to sufficate the tree if not maintained carefully.  Couple that with the cherries being thin skinned and a local favorite of the bird population, this fruit and the subsequent liqueur produced is extremely rare and difficult to work with

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