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Savage Cherry Liqueur, Vicario

Renato Vicario and Janette Wesley own and operate two organic farms, on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean: in his native Piedmont, and in her native South Carolina. The majority of ingredients used to create Vicario’s liqueurs are grown on their own farms. Steeped in regional, mythical, and historical traditions, Vicario Liqueurs are made with the same methods which have been employed for centuries. Minimal filtration and quality ingredients ensure that these delightful spirits are among the most expressive examples in the world.

United States
South Carolina
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Tasting Notes

Vicario grows Visciole, an antiquated variety of wild sour cherry on their family farm in Cortona.  Strangly Darwinian, this cherry tree’s off shoots have a tendency to sufficate the tree if not maintained carefully.  Couple that with the cherries being thin skinned and a local favorite of the bird population, this fruit and the subsequent liqueur produced is extremely rare and difficult to work with

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