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Monk's Secret Liqueur

Monk's Secret Liqueur

Monks Secret Liqueur Vicario
  • Herbal liqueur produced by Vicario Spirits in Greer, South Carolina
  • Maceration of over 15 aromatic herbs and spices, many of which are grown on Vicario’s South Carolina farm
  • Produced using 100% non-GMO neutral wheat spirit
  • A bouquet of herbs and spice run through from nose to finish, warming the palate with notes of cinnamon, honey, straw, genepy, tarragon, mint, and clove
  • 35% ABV

Monastery brew houses and elixir distillers from different religious orders have been in existence all over Europe since the early Middle Ages. After careful reading of ancient monastic texts, Vicario crafted this maceration of over 15 aromatic herbs and spices and named it after these famous religious orders. The result is an exquisitely round and exotic liqueur, akin to an aged Yellow Chartreuse.


United States
South Carolina
Spirit Type:
Spirit Sub Type:
Amaro / Digestivi / Aperitivi / Bitter

Sizes Available

Full Bottle US-XVL-09-NV 6/750ml
Connecticut Spirit US-XVL-09-NVCT 12/750ml