Navy Strength Gin, 'Ki No Bi - Sei', The Kyoto Distillery

Navy Strength Gin, 'Ki No Bi - Sei', The Kyoto Distillery

Kyoto Distillery is Japan’s first dedicated artisanal gin distillery. Located in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture, the distillery sources its water from the famed Fushimi region, which is tremendously respected for its delicate and delicious sake brewing water. The distillery’s aim is simple, but arduous: to produce the best possible dry gin, featuring local botanicals of the highest caliber. From hand-peeling a year’s supply of lemons from nearby Hiroshima Prefecture, to sourcing special yuzu from an octogenarian farmer in the north of Kyoto, these gins truly are a labor of love.

Spirit Type:
Gin / Genever
Spirit Sub Type:
Navy Strength

Tasting Notes

KI NO BI SEI is made with the same intricate production method as the original KI NO BI; using 11 botanicals distilled in six distinct flavor categories. The final blend has been recalibrated to bring out the best of each botanical at a higher proof. Although often confused with 100 Proof or 57.1% ABV, this bottling is at the traditional British Navy Strength of 54.5% ABV.


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