The Kyoto Distillery

Navy Strength Gin 'Ki No Bi - Sei'

Navy Strength Gin 'Ki No Bi - Sei'

Navy Strength Gin Ki No Bi  Sei The Kyoto Distillery
  • Navy strength gin produced by The Kyoto Distillery in Kyoto, Japan
  • Distilled using rice spirit and featuring locally sourced Japanese botanicals
  • The 11 botanicals include juniper, yellow yuzu, akamatsu (Japanese red pine), red shiso leaves, bamboo leaves, ginger, lemon, orris, gyokuro tea from the Uji region, green sanshō (Japanese Szechuan peppercorn) and kinome (leaves from the peppercorn tree)
  • Botanicals are divided into six distilling groups based on flavor and aroma: Base, Citrus, Herbal, Spice, Green Tea, and Fruity & Floral
  • Each group is distilled separately before blending; the blend is left to marry in stainless steel before bottling
  • Proofed down with water sourced from the Fushimi region, known for its delicate brewing water
  • Bottled at the traditional British Navy Strength of 54.5% ABV

Crafted to meet the demands of the contemporary mixologist, The Kyoto Distillery’s KI NO BI SEI is made with the same production method as the original KI NO BI, with the final blend recalibrated to bring out the best of each botanical at a higher proof.


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American Whiskey

Sizes Available

Alternate JP-XKD-03-NVA 6/700ml