Manille Liqueur de Calamansi, Destileria Limtuaco

Destileria Limtuaco is the oldest distillery in the Philippines. Merchant and Chinese immigrant, Lim Tua Co (who would later be known by friends and associates as Don Bonifacio Limtuaco), originally established his distillery in 1852 to produce a medicinal “wine” from a secret family recipe. This bitter spirit became so popular that its original name, Sioktong, is now synonymous in the Philippines with any locally made digestif.

Five generations later, Destileria Limtuaco has expanded its repertoire to include a number of spirits and liqueurs that reflect the vibrant gastronomic heritage of the Philippines.

Metro Manila
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Pithy, bright, sour and sweet, Calamansi fruit (also spelled Kalamansi) is a hybrid between a Kumquat and an orange. It is commonly preserved much like lemons and often used to make salted Calamansi lemonade; a transformative beverage. The fruit is also used in various marinades and condiments and frequently incorporated into the cuisine of the Philippines, its primary country of cultivation.

 Manille Liqueur de Calamansi captures the essence of this fruit in liqueur form and does so quite literally, using only fresh Calamansi rind steeped in neutral spirit to create this sweetened expression featuring the fruit’s mandarin-like qualities and an oily texture imparted by the Calamansi skin. Perfect with tonic and a wedge of lime or used as a cocktail modifier in place of classic fruit liqueurs. 27.5% ABV

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