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Lichi-Li (Lychee), Giffard

Bigallet has been producing handcrafted syrups and liqueurs in the French Alps since 1872.   The founder, Felix Bigallet, would create and hand deliver his artisanal spirits to the pubs and inns of Lyon by horse and cart.  Today, Bigallet employs the same techniques and care used in the 19th century to bring these top quality spirits to the world market (minus the horse and cart.) Enjoy!

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Tasting Notes

This liqueur has an intense lychee perfume with subtle rose petal notes. On the palate, there is juicy stone fruit at first that softens to subtle vanilla on the finish. Lichi-Li is distilled from Taiwanese lychees to create a delicate, sweet liqueur that retains the beautiful perfume of the fruit. Lychees are a stone fruit native to tropical climates. They have a reddish-pink shell, translucent white flesh, and a delicate, floral flavor. Giffard macerates/distills Taiwanese lychees to create Lichi-Li, a unique spirit in that it retains the beautiful, exotic perfume of the lychee. 18% ABV

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